How much does concrete staining cost?

The cost of stained concrete can vary a lot depending on the needs and the type of application. If it’s something basic like using a single color for staining, sealer, and the surface preparation the price range that Clean Krete offers is between $ 2.50 to $ 5.00 per square foot. However, we must clarify that as the complexity of the project increases the cost will do to.

Some factors influencing the cost of concrete staining are the following:

  • The size of the project.
    • Clean Krete has a minimal cost, which makes it hard for us to lower our prices on smaller protects.
    • On the other hand, if the larger your projects, the easier for us to lower the prices.
  • The sealer.
    • There is a wide variety of sealers in the market and each could have a different application. Some of them are more complicated to apply, leading to a different cost to your project.
  • Concrete that it’s already sealed.
    • For concrete that has been previously stained and sealed, it will necessary for us to remove as much as possible if we want the best possible results. For this, there are 3 main options: sandblasting, chemical stripping or grinding the concrete. Each one has a different cost and efficiency.
  • Adding a design to the concrete, new borders or anything that requires saw cutting or grinding on your concrete staining project can modify the final cost.

When comparing the cost of having your concrete stained with other flooring alternatives, such as carpet, tile or hardwood, it is important not to forget the longevity factor and the replacement cost. Since concrete that has been properly stained, sealed and maintained can last for many years in great condition. It would be almost invulnerable to tears, mold or water damage. And even if the stained surface wears out over time, on most of the cases it will only need to be retouched with more stain and resealed to bring it back to life.

Factors to consider in the cost of concrete staining:

  • A new concrete that has never been stained or sealed will often get better results than the ones that already have some kind of work on it.
  • Depending on the way the concrete was poured and finished it is possible that there are some areas on the concrete that cannot be completely covered with concrete staining. For those cases, we offer some other options like Color Seal, which covers the concrete evenly.
  • After the concrete has been stained and sealed, we recommend concrete maintenance every 18 months (clean, retouch the stain and reseal).

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